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  • Jesus Christ is Lord
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  • CANTERA Made With Cantera Photos,Fotos
  • A video of me cutting a stone: A video of me,making the first cuts of a figure.
  • Below, are various figures.

    I no longer am doing this kind of work, but any way , this is
    what I used to do.

  • These were done some years agoHand carved figures,By me,Garry
  • Some other pieces I have done stone pieces I have done
  • About my Tobacco MY TOBACCO This is a little about growing my tobacco.
  • Forum for discussion, comments, etc. ElChanate ElChanate forum
  • I use Debian Wheezy for my OS My Debian
  • I have moved some of my old sites here, this still needs some work, here is GarryRicketsonArtworks-orgSome links may not be working though.
  • Garrys "Gallery"Gallery
  • My Birds
  • Also the parrots have a special page: My Parrots
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