A vegan woman had divided her family by insisting that only plant-based food be served at her birthday meal – despite more than 80 guests attending.

The anonymous 15-year-old girl said that her family had organised a large birthday party for when she turns 16, and had invited scores of people to attend – and booked a banquet hall to host them all.

The girl said that she had been a strict vegan for more than two years, and decided that she only wanted plant-based food served on her big day – despite the non-vegan guests.

But now her family have been left divided and her parents are in the firing line, as some guests didn’t seem happy about the lack of meat on the menu.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said: “I have been a strict vegan for over two years now. I am doing it because I believe in animal rights and I know what the meat industry does to the environment. I will not be part of the problem.

“We are catering food for this party and I explicitly said that since it’s my birthday party I want the entire menu to be vegan.

“My parents said they will order any vegan dishes I want, but will also provide non-vegan dishes to accommodate other guests.

“I am not happy with this.

“It’s my birthday party and one of my requests is that people not consume animals for this one night – it’s one night, it’s not that big of a deal.

“My parents are not budging and saying that not everyone is vegan and they need stuff to eat, but it’s my birthday party – I don’t think it’s going to kill anyone to have to eat vegan for the night.”

After sharing her story online, other Reddit users were quick to comment their opinion – and some picked fault with her logic.

One said: “I am so far from vegan, you’d probably hate me. That being said, I love vegetarian and vegan food. I don’t even have meat every day.

“No one will die for going one meal without meat and animal products. It is your birthday party and everyone can enjoy the food that is provided.

“People who complain that they didn’t get a proper meal without a big old steak or deep-fried chicken are absolutely narrow-minded.”

And another wrote: “Your parents are being pretty generous catering for 80 people for a 16th birthday. With that amount of investment, they deserve to have some say in the menu.

“You are ok to have preferences here… but ultimately if it’s on their dime, they should make the call. If you disagree, feel free to pay for it yourself.”

While a third added: “If one of your meat-eating friends was to throw the same party and invite you, would you expect them to have some vegan options for you?”