A woman got a henna tattoo as a joke but she stopped laughing a few days later when the design refused to fade – and it’s still visible months later.

TikTok star Emily Cook, @emilycook..01, was at Leeds Festival when she decided to pay £10 to get ‘I love Stormzy’ tattooed across her chest in big, bold lettering.

She got the henna work done in late August and it’s still visible, clear as day, three months later – and she added it can be tricky to explain, as the Daily Star reports.

Emily took to TikTok to share the festival tattoo blunder, and in the first clip, she can be seen with a massive grin on her face as she sits on the grass in a green bikini top as a woman applies the henna to her chest.

She added text to the video that explained: “When it’s only a tenner for a henna tattoo and it’s not showing signs of fading.”

Mortifyingly, Emily then showed a clip of her at home with the ‘temporary’ henna tattoo still inked across her chest.

The tattoo fail has now racked up 292,000 views and nearly 20,000 likes.

Having been left in stitches at the blunder, people fled to the comments armed with laughing emojis.

They also shared their thoughts on Emily’s now undying love for Stormzy.

One person commented: “Henna itself comes off after time. But it’s common that I hear people talking about henna TATTOOS staying perm.”

Another user added that Emily was not alone in her skin tatting blunder: “Omg I got it done by the same lady and it looked horrific.”

A third person joked: “Why would you regret this?”

However, some people came to Emily’s rescue to suggest some hacks to get rid of the Stormzy tattoo.

One user suggested: “Soak in a hot bath, sit in it for ages it got mine off from Boardmasters.”

Another person advised: “Shave the area! Sometimes it clings to the hair!”